Delivery Models

Flexible delivery and process transparency are the cornerstones of Qualitree’s superior service. Choose the approach that works best for your project and Qualitree does the rest. All our client projects are completed using the most appropriate combination of one, some, or all of these delivery models based on the client requirements. Qualitree’s delivery model helps leverage capacity, capabilities, competitive pricing, and competencies across geographies to improve delivery and predictability, and achieve customer satisfaction.

Onsite Delivery Models

When Project scope is not clearly defined, or a project is open-ended and iterative in nature, we use an Onsite Delivery Model where work is performed at the client premises. Throughout the assignment our consultants report to an onsite project manager and also report back to our offices on a regular basis. Among the services provided by an onsite consultant are: project requirements capture, creating functional specifications, develop test ware, Test Automation & Execution and Defect Management.
A team of Qualitree consultants works in collaboration with or in parallel to project team at client location to complete a technology project. This model allows for the most efficient teamwork and communication of changing project requirements.
Niche technology experts from Qualitree join the client’s project team to supplement gaps in expertise and resources. By accessing Qualitree’s technology consultants our clients can ensure that you get just the right skill set at just the right time in their project cycle.

Offshore Delivery Model

This model is best suited for projects with a well-defined 'Project Plan'. Qualitree interacts with clients on a regular basis to manage outsourcing requirements. The client maintains managerial oversight and stays abreast of project advancement through regular face-to-face progress updates. Based in one of Qualitree Test centers, the client maintains ownership and control of the project without needing to commit your own capital or project resources. Qualitree’s offshore delivery model aims at helping customers achieve 24/7 productivity. We ensure faster time to market and cost effective development of testing solutions that results in lower total cost of ownership.

Onsite-Offshore Delivery Models

Qualitree’s hybrid delivery model combines onsite and offshore delivery for superior results at highly reduced costs. Typically, the discovery and planning stages of a project are executed onsite at the client's office. The subsequent development and support phases are carried out offshore at a Qualitree Test Center. The hybrid model maximizes efficiency in terms of both resources and costs.
Proven strengths of hybrid delivery include near-24 hour work cycles; project teams with broadly based skill sets; lower costs for resources and an ability to quickly scale up or down to reflect changing project requirements. The challenges associated with the Hybrid Model such as administration costs and cross-cultural communications are overcome through well-documented and tested processes and years of successful implementation experience. In turn, this success has lead to excellent working relationships both at home and abroad.
As a principal, we have always believed in sourcing the best candidates available and in order to achieve this we have adopted ‘Backward Integration’ process. We have an in-house training center, which selects students (upon graduation – minimum being Bachelor of Engineering / Bachelor in Computer Applications) and undertake a rigorous training schedule of 6 months. These candidates undergo examination for technical knowledge, communication skills. Hence we have a huge pool of resources available and the project team can be expanded at a short notice.