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TTCN-3 Fundamentals for Academic Development ( TFAD) :

How well do colleges prepare students to meet the real challenges of the ever evolving software Industry? Easy guess is, it varies
Righty said, there is a huge variation from College to College and University to University. The objective of each and every HR Dept of College / University is to see that maximum of its students are placed.
After speaking to several recruiters in Software / Product companies, a common conclusion was reached -- hiring skilled graduates who have experience with state-of-the-art software test development products. In recent years, recruiters have been asked to find candidates who are proficient technicians who are also competent in interpersonal skills, leadership, learning agility, team building, and other areas. While those qualities are commendable and necessary, at the end of the day, businesses need people who can step in and be productive very quickly – literally from day one.

Grooming success: Integrating academics with business:

It is the prime responsibility of a Education Institution to groom a student such that s/he can enter the real world confidently, armed with the knowledge of latest tools and technology. While most educational institutions have developed Engineering degree programs for undergraduates and graduates, the quality / courses of those programs varies with the institution's ability to expose students to latest technology and tools. And that exposure is often dependent on private and state funding.
Now that Colleges and Universities are forced to have a tight control on their fiscal spending, the question which comes across their minds is:

How can they be ensuring that their graduates are given the top most priority during selection?

The obvious answer is – Partner with the Software Tool Development companies, adopt their technology into Colleges / Universities curriculum and enable the students. Not only they learn to adopt the technology in their early stages of career, but also can be a part of the open community development group and interact with hundreds and thousands of similar minds. It also open up opportunities in the National as well as International markets. Added advantage is that Qualitree being the only reseller of Testing Tech’s TTworkbench in India is always on the look out for resources capable to meeting their ending requirements ( as Qualitree’s clients buy the TTworkbench tool, they need trained resources). Qualitree has offices in India, US and Canada and the principal company Testing Tech has presence in Europe – so it is natural that a strong candidate be taken up for an assignment immediately after his / her graduation.

What is the Testing Technology’s TTCN-3 Fundamentals for Academic Development ( TFAD) Program?

The Testing Technology’s TTCN-3 Fundamentals for Academic Development ( TFAD) Program helps computer science professors develop courses that leverage Testing Tech's tools and best practices. The program currently reaches thousands of computer science and software engineering students at hundreds of colleges and universities world-wide, where Testing Tech (and its partner Qualitree) distributes software and training materials at 60% discounted rates to faculty and students. In addition to traditional classroom exposure, TFAD faculty and students have access to TTCN-3 Forum & ETSI web site that provides targeted software development content and skill-building resources. Through these sites TAFD participants can get free downloads and upgrades, share research results, publish papers, and communicate with participants at other institutions as well as with TTCN-3 customers. They can also attend Testing Tech’s Webinars discussing future trends and technical advances in software test development platform.

TFAD program focuses on software test development experience:

Graduates of schools participating in Testing Tech’s TTCN-3 Fundamentals for Academic Development (TFAD) Program also enjoy a distinct advantage in a tight job market because of their practical, hands-on experience with Testing Tech’s automated tools. Their transition into the workplace is smooth.
Thanks to programs like TFAD, increasingly, companies are able to fill positions with very specific and stringent requirements, such as knowledge of TTCN-3 ( Testing and Test Control Notation) Language. And because Organizations like ETSI ( who continuously strives to implement TTCN-3 language within multiple Industry verticals) and the early adoption in the Telecom and the Auto Industry, there is an ever increasing demand of TTCN-3 skilled engineers.
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