Performance Testing Services

Qualitree has an extensive experience in providing performance QA testing services to the clients. Our portfolio of performance testing services has helped our clients reduce the risk of application / system failures and ensure that their systems operate seamlessly and consistently to meet the rigorous expectations of the clients. Our services have produced clearly identifiable results, notably the cost of software maintenance by up to 30%; enhanced quality levels (the prevention of high-severity defects by a substantial percentage), improved time to market, and important mitigation of technical and business risks.
Qualitree has successfully provided world class performance testing for the clients high availability needs. The following factors are a key to providing the best of class performance testing services:

  • Experience

    Qualitree has developed, tested and deployed applications that serve thousands of users, performing millions of transactions that have been distributed over multiple locations.
  • Methodology

    With a unique performance testing methodology, Qualitree ensures that performance metrics actually answer critical scalability questions and address specific project risks.
  • Infrastructure

    The particular hardware, software and network configuration required for accurate testing can be quickly assembled at the data centers to mimic the production environments.
  • Technical expertise

    Qualitree provides performance testing services on both open source/commercial tools based on customer and project requirement. Post identification of performance issues, the engineers not only report them, however, provide advice on how to address those issues.
  • Project focussed or ongoing managed services

    Qualitree can provide expert, one-time project resources or work with the clients on an on-going basis to create fully managed QA labs.

The experienced teams at Qualitree possess strong consulting, interpretation and analytical skills. We have not only provided the facts and data required by technically and operationally focused audiences, but also interpreted what it means for the senior level business audiences. Qualitree has successfully collaborated with the clients to define their performance testing strategies to meet their success criteria. The strategies employed performance and stress testing best practices to quantify the stability, scalability, user experience, and regulatory compliance.