Services We Offer

Money does not grow on trees. How about Quality? Of course, it does, though every Tom and Dick can’t discern it! There is NO no-pain mechanism to transplant the precious attribute into our daily lives; in the umpteen applications that software world makes, and in the approach and attitude of the companies like Qualitree that test them.
Because we aspired for that right from the beginning and named our dream accordingly does not make us accomplishers. Our last twelve years towards that endeavor does not distinguish us thus per se! Like one tree grows one kind of fruit and at Qualitree it has always been software testing. Even that does not make us the clinchers.
Our real achievement is that we are constantly searching for it – in everything and in all aspects. So, if you are a part of us already or wish to be but yet not sure, be absolutely sure of one thing – there is no magic rod with us, however, what we have high in our heart and mind is CARE for you and QUEST for quality. You may become our staff, investor, customer, supplier, or any other organ, take that for guaranteed.
Our six offices in Canada, India and US are consumed in the four activities of software testing. Projects - we have done work for big and small size companies in all possible combinations: Onsite only, offshore only, onsite-nearshore, onsite-offshore, et al. Product Selling – whole suite of TTCN3……………………..Trainings- onsite or online. Resource Augmentation – You may like to keep the control and wish our experienced resources to work under your leadership onsite or offshore or combination of two.

Training and Re-Training

Cap Gemini Canada acquired Inergi from Hydro One- Ontario’s electricity supplier. Although Inergi is now fully owned by CG, it is contractually committed to service IT, call centre, payroll and such other needs of the utility company till 2012. Qualitree was hired to both train Inergi software testing team as well as retrain its skilled and experienced software testers who had not used automation tools and/or more meaningful approaches and methodologies.
At the end of one month engagement, satisfaction and confidence of the trained team is best summed in ……”
Our office in Bangalore has redefined training per se under QUEST program.
Whether your organization wants to build a new software testing team or feels the need that members of the existing team will benefit from learning……

Talent Nurturing

Though QUEST was envisioned primarily to cultivate Qualitree’s leaders for tomorrow, our clients found ways to benefit from it too. When we train the QUEST candidates for 6 months with focus on software testing cum personality development, clients saw unbelievable ROI in having selected candidates also follow specific needs of its own software testing team. On graduation the selected candidate(s) is assigned to the client work and who can doubt that s/he will hit the ground running!

Resource Augmentation

The IT resource augmentation landscape in North America has seen a lot of changes in last two decades. Where as in India, more and more companies are turning to it now. Qualitree has always had the requisite wherewithal to match the needs of the times. While we ourselves invest heavily in finding the suitable people for our own internal needs, for few of our clients we still cater to their onsite needs. Even as we become more selective with time, onsite needs of our close clients will always be fulfilled by us.

Project Outsourcing

There were times when clients used to predominantly outsource their software testing work to our India offshore facilities solely because of the economic reasons. Well, though economic advantage is still there, the list of benefits has certainly and steadily grown. In North America, clients can choose from onsite, near-shore or off-shore models and many have used a combination of two and a few of all three. Knowledge and experience of our workforce is very well supported by our state of the art infrastructure in India.