Localization Testing

In today’s world, it would be difficult for the organizations to survive if they are selling their product only in one country or geological area. Even if the product is being sold all over the world, but the product is not available in regional languages, it would jeopardize the success of the product.
Internationalization testing ensures that the functionality of the product is not broken and all the messages are properly externalized when used in different languages and locale.
In order to meet the language and functionality requirements of the local users, Qualitree’s localization and Internationalization services include the following steps:

Feature Based Testing

The feature based testing is to ensure that features marketed and intended for specific geographies are turned on and off as required while switching locales.

Localized Content Testing

The user interface includes both text and graphic artifacts. A pool of language experts help testing the localized content in each language that the product supports.

Culture Awareness Testing

The user locale define items such as number, date and currency formatting. The input data is converted from one encoding format to another and the products are tested with input data in a particular language.

Test Rendering

We ensure that an internationalized product properly displays all supported scripts in accordance with the linguistic characteristics associated with them.

User Interface Testing

User Interface testing is performed to ensure which fonts are rendered, support of different fonts and character widths as well as varying spacing requirements introduced by translations.