e-Commerce Testing Services

The unprecedented growth in e-Commerce has resulted in a surge in the number of players vying for their share of the market. The global B2C e-Commerce sales is projected to cross the trillion-euro mark in 2013 with Europe having the biggest pie (UK & Germany leading) followed by North America (primarily US). However the region which shows the potential to grow the fastest is the Asia-Pacific market with China & India on the fast track. Brazil and Mexico will fuel the growth in Latin America. The internet users are expected to touch 3.5bn in the next couple of years which would roughly be 50% of the world population.

As per the data published by Zinnov- a leading market expansion and globalization advisory firm -Today in India there are 120mn unique internet users, which is expected to reach over 350mn by 2015. Over 100mn mobile users will have access to 3G/ 4G connectivity. All these factors will lead to explosive growth of the E- commerce industry in India, in the coming years.

Independent Quality verification and validation becomes pivotal as the technical complexities of a website increases through variety of browsers, operating systems, processors, and third-party plug-ins, makes testing a challenging proposition.

Functional – Multiple functionalities can fail at any point of time resulting in deprivation of customer
Performance – No. of users differs daily, can increase enormously on weekends or special occasions resulting in varied speed experience
User Interface – Customer moves off the moment, they don’t find the way they wanted.
Cross Browser – With wide range of web browser available with different versions, users using different browser to access your web application, compatibility across all of them needs to be verified.

We @ Qualitree, not only understand the growth potential this industry has but have also researched the above highlighted and many other challenges. To address all/any of them we have introduced "Need Based Testing" – a package based solution. Our focus is also to demystify some of the popular "Quality myths" pertaining to Time, Cost & Tool.


  • We customize our solution for your application by ensuring the reusability of test scenario’s
  • We help you identify performance bottlenecks & perform corrective and preventive actions!
  • We reduce your cost by simplifying the process with shorten time & man power!
  • We wish to be a third eye for your application, delivering our domain expertise and experience!
  • We add significant contribution to the QA process by adopting best testing methodologies!
  • Our expertise in the open source tool, make us more confident in beating price competitiveness.

What is it for you?

  • A dedicated team works for you which in turn results in reduction of Cost, Time & Resources
  • Organized approach with well maintained test artifacts
  • Reduced pressure on the existing employees
  • Just in time approach by choosing different tests @ different time intervals
  • Automation solutions to regress frequent builds

To know more on our ecommerce testing packages please mail us to : testing@qualitreeinc.com